Fix Septic Tank Problems, Guaranteed.

Aero-Stream Septic Aeration System

Replacing a septic system can be costly and time consuming. That’s why Aero-Stream invented an aerobic septic system to fix clogged septic systems without having to remove them. Most septic systems operate in an oxygen-free environment, which leads to the build-up of a black sludge that forms within what is known as the “biomat.” Biomat sludge coats the septic system and becomes an immovable block, leading to back-ups, pooling, and foul odors. Aero-Stream’s aerobic septic system dissolves the biomat sludge by introducing oxygen and bacteria into the system. The aerobic bacteria eats away at the sludge and returns the system to smoothly flowing, odor-free working order.

How to Fix Septic System Problems

As a distributor of Aero-Stream’s products, we’re pleased to be able to offer our customers a septic aeration system that starts working as soon as enters the system. Customers will start seeing results within days, and notice an end to unpleasant anaerobic septic problems without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new system. The process is so successful that it will work on any failed or failing septic system — guaranteed. Better yet, the Aero-Stream aerobic septic system costs less than $1,500. Depending on the size of the septic tank system, that is a cost savings of between $6,000 to $38,000 dollars! (See our “About Aero-Stream” page for more details.)

In addition to fixing the system, Aero-Stream’s aerobic septic kit extends the life of the current system. Preventing build-ups of biomat sludge will allow the septic system to continue functioning as it was initially designed for a much longer period. (See our “Aerobic Septic Systems” overview  page for more details.)

Using the Aero-Stream installation unit, the initial conversion process takes only a few minutes. The aerobic bacteria immediately begins to work on the biomat sludge, breaking it up into removable pieces and restoring flow to the septic system. The process does not require excavation or landscaping. Aero-Stream’s septic tank remediators literally plug in to the existing system and instantly start biomat sludge repair. Whether the septic tank system is experiencing high water problems, clogged or slow drains, the need to frequently pump the tank, or other issues like wastewater in the yard, the aerobic septic system will restore the system to proper working order. (See our “Common Septic Problems” page for more information.)

Septic Problems And Remediation

Septic problems may be a part of owning a home, but there’s no reason to let septic system problems become a major financial burden. With the Aero-Stream aerobic system, potentially costly problems can be easily fixed on a tight budget. Why not remedy the situation and save a few dollars in the process? Customers can look forward to solving all their septic tank problems with the Aero-Stream septic tank remediation system.

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